Digital Office Manager

Let's tell you what DOM actually is.

Digital Office Manager is your digital employee that helps you to manage your office. It provides robust information that is necessary to manage all the tasks and working of your office. Digital Office Manager is a faithful employee that gives reports of any wrong approach in the office that harms your business or earning. Its cost is very reasonable to manage your entire office. It maintains record of attendance and leaves of employees that helps you to maintain their respective salaries. It tells office staff what work is to be done and by what time it should be delivered in order to increase productivity and get the fruit from your employees. It also helps your sales team to manage their sales leads and generate follow-ups and meeting regularly without missing any lead. It also has ability to send reminder to you of missing meetings and follow-ups. Some of the key features of Digital Office Manager include Promotional activities management like Sending Promotional SMS and Sending Promotional Emails.

Digital Office Manager


Here are some key features of DOM that are explaind below.

Staff Management

You can create profile for staff with his personel information and office information like name,address,login info,Salary etc.

Project Management

You can create project according to the clients and can generate bill of clients according to the projects.

Sale Management

You can create leads of customer and check their meeting status or follow-up.

Instant Chat

You can chat with your subordinates about the project and tasks.

Task Management

You can give task to staff accordingly to the project of clients on time basis to tell client their valuable time how much meant fo us.


You can get all kinds of reports like staff report,task report,project report,sale reports etc.

What DOM Can DO?

Let's teach you what our DOM Can Do for you.

CRM Module of DOM contains the customers information like Contact Number, DOB, Address and reminds their birthdates to wish them for good public relationship.

What it Manages?

  • Maintain Customers records.
  • Remind Birthdates.
  • Sends Promotional Emails.
  • Sends Promotional SMS.

DAM module contains the all the account transection modules of an organization. This maintains all the incomes record of your office and reminds due payments that helps to maintain your accounts. It also records office expenses that help to reduces over expenses.

What it Manages?

  • Project Management.
  • Project's incomes.
  • Project's outcomes/Expenses.
  • Office Expenses.
  • Reports according to projects, dates, expense type.
  • Stock Management

DOM also take responsibility managing the human resources digitally. This Module contains managing staff, their salary, their attendance, their documents, their promotional history, work status etc. DOM manages tasks circulated in a company. That also evolves the calculation of the performance of each employee.

What it Manages?

  • Staff Details.
  • Attendance.
  • Salaries.
  • Recruitments.
  • Departments.
  • Office Tasks
  • Staff Work History.
  • Documents.
  • Resumes.

DSM in DOM is the module responsible for managing all the sales activity. i.e from Call leads to appointments management. It also maintain the quotations send by your Office to clients and records the final quote in order to generate bills.

What it Manages?

  • Sales Call Leads.
  • Sale Leads Reminders.
  • Appointment.
  • Daily Reports for Marketing Teams.

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